Problem with Status Bar in Excel 2003

Hello everyone !

I feel kind of silly that I ended up to ask for help for this unbelievable problem that I have with my 2003 excel ( at work)….i know it seems and sounds very strange but believe….my problem it’s true….so….the problem is this………in excel 2003 , when I select some cells (that are formatted as numbers) ….down to the right side , in the status bar (having the sum option selected) I can only see half the total number !!! seems that it’s hiding behind something !!!..i don’t know !..but there is nothing there to drag or to adjust or to do anything even in the tools – options – view section….i mean this can’t be happening !!!..i don’t know what to do ! there any suggestions ?..has anyone ever confronted the same problem ?..i would appreciate any of your answers !..thank you so much in advance !!!