Problem with starting System "first i have to press the reset button then start button then it works fine"

Recently i have a problem with starting PC, it didn’t start at once when i press the power button.

I have two ways two start the system.

  1. First i turn on the UPS for some seconds and then turn off and then turn on again only then my front panel power button works. after this there is a black screen for 30 to 35 sec and then the system starts normally and works fine.

  2. Second way to turn on the system i have to first press the reset button and then the power button works after this again same problem there is a black screen for 30 to 35sec and then the system starts normally and works fine.

    I found the Solution for for this Problem actually i have done some hardware changes i have removed my PCI simple Communication controller (dial up Modem) from the system after this the problem starts.

But when i Put it back again the problem is solved and the system starts without any problem.

So guys if u have the same problem try this and think that if u have done some hardware changes.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If the PCI modem is causing this sort of issue, I think that the most effective solution is a fresh install of operative system after removing the PCI card.

If this is not a solution for you, then why don’t leave the modem installed? If the telephone cable is unplugged you should have no problems :slight_smile:

To exclude the USP as cause of the problem, can you try to remove it temporarily for a quick test? If the computer starts regularly after removing the USP, then the problem is not in your computer.