Problem with starforce nightamare

Hello all!
I’ve used starforce nightmare to disable ch1, and i had a blue screen that said thad I had to reboot. When I rebooted, my 2 CD-rom drives diseappeard.
But here is the problem, When I want Enable my ch01 again the blue screen comes again and when I reboot, the CD-drives dont’ appear again! :sad:
What can I do?
Please answer me!

Thanks to Trackmania sunrise and his Starforce 3 that reactivated my CD-drives!
Anf F*Ck starforce nightamare !!!

You should use StarFuck, I havent had a problem with that one.

rofl, StarForce Nightmare has worked good for me, just make sure you know what you’re doing. :smiley:
ch1 is your hard drives, the one you want (I think) is ch2. At least, that is what my computer is like. Generally a user’s main CD or DVD drive is on Secondary Master (I’ve never seen it anywhere else besides 2nd IDE channel), so you would want to disable ch2.

leroi14 how did u repair it?
cuz i have also clicked ch1 and got the bleu screen but now every time in boot my pc it takes a long time till i get in windows. Plz help