Problem with starforce



i purchased cossacks 2 that comes with starforce they also gave me a code alphanumeric one that they told me that the game will ask and i should enter . I installed the game but when i insert disc 1 to start the game from its autorun the engine.exe starts but no starforce message not even the classic screen of cd validation. the exe keeps running in the background raising from 1mb of memory to 80 mb and resets it’s self
the disc2 fails tottaly


Starforce is very strange protection. It has very bad compatiabilty with hardware :Z For example “Kreed” doesn’t work on my computer. This game make my computer to reboot :frowning:

Technical support recommend me to buy a new CD-ROM :eek: :o :confused:

Unfortunately, almost every russian game is Protected by StarForce :Z

What OS do you have? Try to reinstall it…


windows xp.
i used the sfclean program and also reinstalled the whole game
there might actually be a hardware incompatibillity because when i used the backup method menchioned in other post with the sfn the game worked .