Problem with Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith

Whenever I attempt to clone my Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith it hiccups after showing the LucasFilm frame. I’m currently using CloneDVD ersion, AnyDVD version and Virtual CloneDrive version Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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Posting in two Forums concerning the same problem is Doubling Posting and is against Forum Rules. Double posting doesn’t result in receiving an answerer any quicker but only results causing confusion. It is also discourteous the Forum members who respond to your inquiry.

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I apologize for breaking the rules. So should I assume you don’t have an answer?

no one’s going to have an answer if you don’t provide some information.

what’s the media id on the discs you’re using?
what brand/model burner do you have?
what firmware do you currently have installed?
what’s the rated speed of the media?
what speed are you burning it at?
when you say it hiccups do you mean the backup? or did you write to iso before you burned?
are you processing directly from the source disc or did you rip to the hard drive first?

give us a little more info and we might be able to figure something out.

According to the email received from slysoft, the latest version is supposed to eliminate the problem with Star Wars Revenge of the Sith repeating the LucasFilm frame. My equipment is fine, I am able to copy all my other dvds (Cinderellaman, Fantastic 4, Mr and Mrs Smith, and Stealth without any problems.

ok. if you want help you need to give us information. “my equipment is fine” isn’t considered information.

if you happened to resolve your problem on your own you should post how just in case others have the same problem.

I don’t understand what the term hiccups means when describing your problem.
You may want to give this thread a look and perhaps find a solution there.

If ‘Hiccup’ meens you see like a blank spot in the movie for 1 second or less, it is probably due to a protection at the beginning of the film that was removed. I am not sure if Star Wars 3 was protected with ArCcos or Ripguard, but I know I had this happen with Sky High when I copied it…unless it was just a very strange layer break…not too sure.

As I recall, Star Wars III is one of those dvd’s that has multiple “angles”.
If that is the case, I believe that you need to include all available angles in Clonedvd2 in order for the resulting dvd to function correctly.