Problem with sound / ripping

I usually rip my movies with both DVD HD decrypter and DVD shrink and I usually have no problems copying DVD’s. However, I have copied “Gangs of New York” but I have a slight sound problem.

When I play the Copied and original DVD in the dvd player the actors voices are not in-sync with their lip movements. However, when I open the dvds in VCL media player and right click on audio and change the audio from track 2 to track 1 the voices are perfectly in-sync.

How can I copy the DVD in such a way that the audio track would be 100% if I wish to play the dvd in my dvd player only? Is there a specific program for this?

Your help is appreciated. Thanks - Riff88:

You can select the audio track with DVD Shrink when you select compression settings.

Of course! Much obliged, sir - Riff88