Problem with Sound Card and Burning Device

I bouhgt a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Sound Card and installed it with no problems, But after i put it in, my computer would do random reboots and would reboot while burning. My burner is a Lite-On DVR LDW-451s, and I use Nero to burn. I have the latest software updates and firmware upgrades. I have NO viruses or bugs, and i’ve cornered the problem to my IDE cables. I have to set it PIO instead of DMA on my secondary set. With this done, my computer no longer restarts when burning, but when i try to burn a CD, it goes at 4.0X instead of 40.0X. I burn a lot of cd’s, and i need the speed. Can anybody help me fix this, or knows of a hardware fix for this?

Things i’ve tried:
using my Harddrives on the secandary set and CD’s as Primary set - Same Problem.