Problem with Sony Wega KDF-E60A20?

My father bought a Sony Wega KDF-E60A20 from Sam’s a year ago. They
claimed it was brand new, even though it was manufactured in 1995.

Anyways, he has had it for a little over a year and periodically while
watching the TV it will go Total Black for a Second then the program
comes back on. The TV does not shut down and repower it just goes Black
for a second, and comes back on. This happens the longer it stays on.

I called Sony Tech Support they were no help, all they did was give me some service providers in Virginia. My father lives in West Virgiia.

Anyway i checked out the Tv, because the only thing I could think of
was that it must be overheating. Checked Fan still runnimg, Checked
Color Wheel still good.

Any baody heard of this or got any ideas before I call a local
tech. guy to come out and look at it.

Thanks for all the Support…

As much as I have a dislike for Sony ( The corporation) their TVs are excellent. I have 5 of them. It sounds as if you are getting a signal disruption. Ofcourse this is just a guess, have you checked all the incoming cables to see if they are snug?

Never buy TV’s with moving parts. If a TV needs a fan I would think twice. I used to repair Sony’s and I happen to really like them but I wold only buy a direct view panel LCD, not a rear projection. If the TV was manufactured in 1995 I would suspect bad Capacitors. That is an old TV, even if it was never plugged in.