Problem with sony dw-p50a and dvd recognize

Please I need help.
I just bought a brand new Hp Pavilion zt3017ea (the notebook). Everything but the burner is working perfectly. I have XP Pro sp1 completely updated. The latest aspi installed (4.6-4.7.1). The drive reads and writes cds perfectly. I used 2.4x dvd+rw media from Magnex … on an average 10 times i succeeded 2 times. I really don’t know what else to try… before replacing my fine setup with the HP restore disk and send the portable back for assistance (they will keep it for months, i know)… please please help.

I don’t recognise the media brand you describe - it may be low quality stuff. DVDINFOPro should allow you to identify it if you can get the drive to recognise the disc - click the Media option.

My personal view is that Adaptec ASPI is best avoided unless you really need it. My system is much more stable without it. I’ve posted lots on this already - most modern software doesn’t need it. If you need to write discs in Windows 2000 or XP without ASPI and without being an Administrator, the Nero BurnRights utility should sort that for you.


Mhh. Just yesterday evening I played a DVDRom but the only time the dw-p50a was able to recognize the support was at boot time. Afeter failing to boot from the dvd (it’a a movie) the motor keeps spinning and then I’m able to launch PowerDVD and see the movie. Don’t know if it’s a media problem: maybe this drive only wants SONY media… argh … I’ve a lot of friends burning DVD and using it on every system … mine is the only one completely unable to read a burned DVD-R. Anyway, thank you for your help.