Problem with Sony DW-D18A Drive

Hey guys,
I’m new to the forum and new to DVD burning.

I just built a 64 bit machine and along with it I got the OEM Sony DW-D18a drive from newegg. Now according to my roommate I shouldn’t need any drivers, he said that XP and my burning programs should pick it up automatically.

I tried to copy a dvd he had, which is the same size 4.7 gigs, but both programs (Nero and Alcohol 120) say that I dont have enough space on the blank disk. The amount of data being burned is 4.3 gigs and I dont understand why this is happening.

I’ve heard a lot of things about this drive:
It doesn’t need drivers.
It should be flashed…etc etc.
I’m all confused… :confused:

All I need to know is does this drive need drivers? If so where can I get them cause Sony def doesn’t have them. And/or if it needs to be flashed?

Any and all info is appreciated. :slight_smile: Sorry for the long post.

What kind of disc are you trying to copy? You’ll need to transcode the disc if it is a double layer disc. Nero and Alcohol are not proper programs for copying CSS protected discs.

It’s not a dual layer disk. It’s a normal dvd r, TDK brand. I’m copying it to a blank disk I got for free from I know this brand of media isn’t good, but I figure I’d use them since I have them.

I tried making an Image of the disk in Alcohol and that doesn’t work either, It keeps saying ‘not enough space’ on the blank disk.

try DVD Decrypter! ISO read to the HD then ISO write to the blank. you can get decrypter free.