Problem with Sony DVD RW DW 22A

Posted following in general hardware forum but it belongs here, I think.
Have a Sony RA 820 G MCE and starting to burn CD’s using Sonic Stage Mastering Studio.
Burned 1 CD OK, mistakenly burned another using a DVD-R disc. Went back and started to burn with CD-R (Sony). About 50% through burning strange noises coming from disc (grating sound) with error message: Could not access disc.
Restarted with another disc, got 50% through, strange noises, then continued and stopped at about 80% with same error message.
Tried again today using different music, drive got to 50%, stopped with again strange noises. Couldn’t open drive, had to reboot to reopen. Driver version is 5.1.2535.0. Any ideas to correct problem or do I need new drive?

Hi & welcome, roncar3 :slight_smile:

The “strange noises” may indicate the drive is failing. You can do some further testing with Nero CD-DVD Speed (download). Do a Create Disc and then Benchmark it (save both screenshots if you want us to look at them, see example below). If the drive’s not under warranty, you can try crossflashing it to a Sony 710A BYX5 or a LiteOn 1653S CS0T with codeguys firmware found here: