Problem with Sony DRU-530A



I am running a DELL pc with a 1.4 P4 and 512 MB RAM.

The Sony DVD writer is set as master and the OEM CD-R as slave. The icon for the Sony shows up in the “MY Computer” window but sometimes it will disappear. Whebn I click it with a movie in it it says, “Insert Disc in drive”.

Also I burned a CD with it using the copy function in Nero. But when I put a DVD in, it just lights up and never gets further than that.

I used DVDDecyrtper to read a disc and it read, but wouldn’t start the write process.
Used DVDXCopy and read the disc would’nt change the “Insert Blank media” when I inserted blank media.

Bad Drive?
Firmware issues?

Any help appreciated.
Colleycol :frowning:


Try going into the device manager and deleting the drive from it and rebooting. This will force windows to re-detect the drive. (Note that you might have to reset your DMA settings after this.)


Tried that. It still won’t work. Could it be a bad drive if the drive burns cds just not DVDs?