Problem with Sony 7XX and Memorex Media

I’ve got 2 Sony 700 and 720a burners and I’m trying to use Memorex DVD+R printable media. I’ve tried the 8x and the 4x media at every speed, and they all come out with errors.

I can burn 8x on some no-name media that I had, but I’m out of it now and all I have left is a bunch of memorex. Most local stores don’t have any printable DVD+R that is not Memorex.

Is it common for the Sony’s not to play nice with Memorex?

what kind of errors ?
what is the mediacode of those Memorex?

Yes, you can check the media ID with DVD Identifier or Nero CD-DVD Speed. Also use NS to do a quality scan and post the results :wink:

Check out this thread about attaching scans: