Problem with Sonic record now

I can’t get get Sonic Record Now to make copies of CDS like it used to. I am able to burn CDS from my audio files in iTunes though. But when I start up Sonic Record now to make a copy of a CD that contains data files I get the message “no recorder” and it asks me to click on “check for drives”. When I do this nothing happens. I checked the configuration utility and noticed that the Imapi CD burning service was stopped. Does this service have to be on to allow Sonic Record Now to work properly? Anyway I tried to switch it on from the configuration utility but when I reboot it still shows up as “stopped” in the configuration utility. I also tried to switch it on from the control panel by going to “administrative tools” and then “services” then I click on “Start service”. After doing this the word “started” appears in the status box but when I reboot, the status changes to automatic and imapi still shows up as “stopped” in the system configuration utility. For some reason I can’t turn it on. Anyway I’m not so sure that I need to. I tried uninstalling the software and then reinstalling it with the CD that came with my computor. This doesn’t work either. Can anyone help me with this? I would very much appreciate it.

Try using the free imgburn.