Problem with Sonic MyDVD Studio Deluxe Suite



i have burned 5 dvd’s with this program. i havent used it since about April i think.
now it saying this…

i’ve burned dvd’s before with no problem, i put them in the dvd player, and it worked fine. :a


the version you used in april was the same? you didnt uninstall it and recently reinstalled it right? are you using the standard microsoft ide driver? , uninstall & reinstall mydvd


yes actually i uninstalled it awhile back. and reinstalled today. and im using the driver that came with this computer.


the version you had before and now are same? if not is it newer or older?

probably means microsoft ide driver but not necessarily , run nero infotool goto “hardware” tab right click “primary ide channel” and look down under “driver information” if you dont have nero then click here to download nero infotool


its newer, the other one wasnt the deluxe version
i dont see “primary ide channel”


i found Primary ide channel under Configuration…

it says


your right my bad :o anyway atapi.sys should be microsofts ide driver but its weird that nothin is shown on driver info maybe your using an old version of infotool search for atapi.sys check properties goto version and see whats there , are you using the latest version of mydvd studio deluxe suite (6.1) ?


yep. sonic mydvd deluxe 6.1.0


lets see we ruled out ide driver & version , only 2 other options

  1. your drive isnt supported by mydvd or at least not by the “studio deluxe suite” edition
  2. some installation issue uninstall it & reinstall it
    i suggest youll try other software


In the past Sonic products have used the PX Engine for burning & the error you have is typical of this engine not recognising your DVD writer. This often happens as newer writers are released. You could go to the Sonic sight & get the latest version of the PX Engine.