Problem with Sonic DLA



While cutting and pasing important file folders from Toshiba notebook with Windows XP and Sonic DLA to DVD RW something went wrong and program got closed resulting in malfunctioning of Sonic DLA. Now the relevant DVD can not be opened and data retrieved. When trying to open the DVD RW the drive does not read the DVD i.e. does not recognize the whether DVD RW or CD RW and gives error messae that Y: is not accessible and incorrect function. Attempted to retrieve data by disabling Nero softwae but without any result. Agreed that data should have been copied to DVD RW instead of cutting and pasting But how to retrieve lost data now? Can anyone help.



I have almost the same problem, but I didn’t even cut, paste, delete, or copy any of the files in the disc after written to it. And, i did “Make Compatible” it. Then, it can’t be access after 2nd or more attempt to retrieve data from the disc. It will either hard to read the disc til it lag the computer or it will just show blank without any file, but i can still see the disc used capacity. Am using Sonic RecordNow! 6 and Mitsubishi DVD-RW media. Does anyone know what’s the problem here? :confused:

O/S: Win XP Pro SP2