Problem with some DVD movies

I have downloaded episodes of my favourite show with an extension of mpg. Some of these episodes I burned to DVD were OK to view on my DVD player and some weren’t. My particulars are as follows.

Windows XP
DVD burner is Plextor 708A (internal)
Dvd discs are TDK DVD +R 4X 4.7GB
Using trial Nero Express 2

I have read a fair amount here and elsewhere but still can’t figure out why all of these episodes can be viewed on my DVD on my computer, some are OK on my DVD player with the TV and some are OK part way through and then just freeze and close. I am burning a lot of coasters trying different things and it’s getting expensive. :a

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Are you using other burning utilities on your system? In some cases this can sometime cause conflicts on a system. Remove the other burning utilities, if you have any. Also, slowing down your burn speed, this can sometime prevent failed burns.



Do you mean to totally remove them from the harddrive? Does this mean any software to do with CD’s and DVD’s? Like Roxio Easy Creator that I burn CD’s with, Record Now, Windows Media Player and so forth? Thanks for answering.

You might also try VCDGear’s (free) mpeg-> mpeg , with the ‘Fix MPEG errors’ box ticked.

Yes, Multiple recording programs on a single system can cause conflicts. Test this issue with only Nero installed.