Problem with SOHW-1633S

I have a Lite-On SOHW-1633S that is crossflashed with the SOHW-1653S CSOT patched FBDX firmware.

Now before I crossflashed it for some reason it stopped reading or burning DVDs. I have no idea why, just out of the blue it stopped. I was about to can it when I decided to search around and decided to go ahead and give some different firmwares a try. Now I have it reading and writing DVDs again except for ONE specific DVD. The DVD i burned with ALL my pictures on it. I know this DVD is working properly because it reads on other machines and dvd players. I burned it with the same DVD burner that is now not reading it.

What would cause the burner to read basically any DVD i throw in there except this one DVD? I mean it just seems weird. I’m watching a DVD as i type this using the drive. Again, the DVD itself is fine because other drives and players can read it.


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Has Isobuster been tried? I saw in a NEC forum thread where Isobuster read some -R DVDs that Nero, DVDDecrypter, etc. failed to read. If Isobuster can read the disk, then you might be able to burn the image to another disk your drive can read.

Not saying it’s not true…because I never got into optical drives that much. that’s the only part of a computer i’ve just bought and plugged in without really researching that much.

but what does reading a a DVD have to do with software? I thought Windows did that? If I download ISO buster…how would I go about trying to read it?

The weird thing is that I used to just pop-in the disk and windows would prompt what I wanted to do with it (like…do nothing, open folder to view, view in whatever…that little screen), but now it does nothing when i put it in there.

And you said I could try and burn it to another disk my drive could read, but this is the same drive that burned the DVD and the same drive that’s read the DVD 100 times. I’ve had this drive for like 3 years…I know it’s time to upgrade, but I was going to keep it as a secondary drive incase I wanted to make copies of cds/dvds.


You can read the DVD on other drives, so you can copy the data, so they are not lost.
As you see the problem with just one disk, it might be burned out of spec, e.g. burning could have started on the wrong disk position or with wrong laser power. It could also be scratched. Other drives might still accept the disk.
The next guess is the laser on your drive became bad and can not read the signals that were written with the bad laser. The newer firmware might have increased the read laser power so you can read other properly burned disks again, but it might still not work with poor burned or poor reflective disks.