Problem with SOH1633S

i cross patched it to an 1653 to see if it would work , but i’m starting to think more that the burner is faulty.

I can’t seem to read the dvds i create anymore…it seems to write them fine with no errors what so ever but i can’t seem to read them after i burned them , older ones are fine , but the last batch i burned are pretty much all shot…

any suggestions ?

have you reset learnt media after crossflashing?
what firmware are you using?
what media/mediacode?
which burn app, version?

would be helpful

  1. Yes

  2. SOH-1653S CSOP

  3. Memorex CPDR47G - 8x DVD+R

  4. Nero

1/ You should not reset the learned media unless it is necessary. Doing so can sometimes cause problems!

3/ The brand name and media code are not the same. Please see point #4 in this forum’s posting guidelines (announcement at the top) for information about the media code. Also, posting the other information suggested by point #4 of the posting guidelines would be helpful.

here’s some nero speed test pics…

the bottom one is from a disc made several months ago with the same burner same appz…etc…

you should scan @4x, that’s the forum standard for comparison.

With such PI Failures I don’t think any standalone would be able to read your DVDs. But like Chok0 said slow down you scan speed to 4X and repost!!!


discs read on 4 speed

try other media. these look :Z

well see i have NEVER had a single problem with these discs , and i have over 500 burned… it’s been giving me problems the past 2 weeks tryuing to read them…actually there are others it won’t read either… even the ones that never had a problem it seems to have some reading problems with…

anyways . wally world will get this one back tomorrow and i will get a new one…

typical crap e01’s i think thats the worst media right now from cmc is the e01’s

they dont have bad -r 8x media tho, but there not the best producers of the + it seems

Same media…NEW drive 1693S

the media is crap. get some verbatim or fuji. also there’s a new firmware KS09 for your new drive.

i used e01 on 33/53 … never works unless 6x burn speed