Problem with snagit

I use SnagIt 9 to create ‘how to do’ videos (very often full screen videos) . I save these files in the .avi format. Today I tried to add some music into a saved file but after I did that, the video quality became very poor. I used Windows Movie Maker and Pinnacle Video Spin for editing. Results were the same on both software. Please helpmeout.

What version of snagit are you using and did you contact snagit support as well??? They might have a solution or be of much more help since they created the software.

I use SnagIt 9. I didn’t contact SnagIt support. I want to solve this problem quickly. Anyways I will contact the support team.

You have to know all users on here volunteer their time and knowledge. And not everyone is one at the same time and it takes time to get a response. Getting a quick solution is best left to the software or hardware company.

thnx. The problem is solved.