Problem with Smart-Burn Media Check Simulator after flashed 32125W to 48125W VS06

After flashing my 32125W to 48125W VS06 successfully I determined problems with Smart-Burn Media Check Simulator V2.0.

In the original 32125W-state the program functioned perfectly. After the update to 48125W VS06 Smart-Burn Media Checker didn’t detect any media.

Who has similar problems? Is this a general problem with overclocked 32125W or only in the combination 32125W > 48125W VS06?

Hopefully you can me help!

Thanx in advance

aunt dotty

Well, this seems to be a program problem and not a drive problem.

Sometimes it helps to make sure that the ASPI layer is up to date and working properly.

Hi OC-Freak

thanks for the fast reaction.

In the original state the SBMC-function was properly only after flashing with each firmware (VSxx, WSxx or WBSxx) it didn’t.

Do you know another program for analyse the smartburn media information?


aunt dotty

CD-R identifier tells you the CD-R disc manufacturer (requires a working adaptec aspi layer), but it do not tell the smart-burn speed limit.

Does the error in SBMC influence the smart-burn-function in Nero or other writing-software?

No way !

I have this prog being out of order here as well , actually I never got it working on my PC, no matter which version that was - 32x, 40x, 48x and stuff. And it’s despite the fact that everything else does its job as a Swiss watch :smiley: