Problem with slimtype dvdrw sosw-852s?

I have an averatec 6235 with the slimtype dvdrw sosw-852s. It has worked perfectly for several months until the last few days. Last week I obtained a notorious adware/spyware virus that I can not get rid of. While backing up my files onto cd so I could reinstall windows, I noticed frequent errors and sluggish burner performance. After finishing the back up my burner would not read the installation disk. It does not read any burned installation disks anymore, while it did a few weeks ago. I don’t know if this is a hardware failure or just the infected software. Any help with this would be great, I can barely type this post as popups and who knows what else keeps jumping up on my screen.
Thanks Phil.

Have you tried restarting is safe mode, then trouble shoot the drive and or try to install your software? Also, trend micro has a pretty good online virus scan since you seem to be able to get online.

Hmm, this sounds like my problem. I think I got hacked attacked when downloading the other night, since then I need to reformat again.

Drive is screwed though, progressively becoming more unstable, until now will not function at all, will not read discs, even when trying to boot from them.

Tried all firmwares under the sun, the problem it seems is it won’t even spin the disc up, just tries to read, waits ten… tries to read, and gives no register of a disc.

dude, found that it will read DVDs and I assume it will burn them too,

Some post said something about two lasers, the “cd laser” dying…

it will not recognize cds, I’m using PS08 from Codeguys

Hello, I have a problem with my 852-S. Will not read any disc. Have tried all sorts but to no avail. Think the laser is goosed, any Idea how to remove one of these from the notebook to replace with a new one???

As I understand you can buy any notebook dvd drive and just replace the plastic facing to match your comp.

(on the underside there is a slider which will unlock the drive to slide it out, just like a bagel.)