Problem with skipping not media nor hardware



I’ve been using dvd43 and 1clickdvd for months with the same media and hardware I use at present without a single glitch, aside from the fact that dvd43 won’t decode bad sector copyright scheme. so I purchased anydvd/clonedvd2 package because anydvd does bad sectoring, and since I usually watch the original dvd I rarely watch my backups, so I didnt notice the skipping glitch until just recently, and now I have about 20 backups that all start skipping at halfway or sooner. the originals are now back at the vid store. so I started looking for the problem and found that if I took a bad backup and used clonedvd2 to read it to my drive then used 1click to burn a new copy the new copy would work, but if I used the make exact copy option from 1click , the problem remained in the exact same spot as the clonedvd backup. now if you follow these steps it becomes apparent that the problem lies with the clonedvd2 burning step, and not the media nor hardware used to burn, since I can use another program with the same media and hardware to fix the problem. furthermore by blaming an external source for the problem you are relieving the makers of any/clone dvd from the responsibility of correcting the problem, which is what I’m hoping for in the near future as I really like them better than dvd43/1click. thanx for a great forum guys keep up the good work!


Bottomline is that you didn’t have a bad disc in the first place. Otherwise, you would not be able to fix the skipping. Some DVD ROMs are better at reading so so burn from so so media. Always use quality media. Made in Japan would be best. Burn at 4X. Use DVD-R or set the booktype of DVD+R media to DVD-ROM for better compatibility with some DVD players.


the originals are now back at the vid store
Doesnt that now make this illegal?


So are the “original” backups failing after only a few months? What media were you using. Sounds like shoddy Princo media to me. :wink:


I have two DVD stand alones one is a Onkyo DV-SP301 and a Panasonic
DVD S31. The Onkyo DV-SP301 skips alot. The Panasonic DVD S31 never skips. What is up with that? I have tired everything to make a DVD that will play in the Onkyo without skipping and havn’t had any luck. I think that different brand players are more suited to play DVD backups. If anyone has the secret i would sure like to know it. :confused: :confused: :confused:


Burn at 4X and use Made in Japan DVD media. Also set the Booktype to DVD-ROM if your DVD burner support that option. If not, then go with DVD-R media.

Some DVD ROMs are better at reading burned media.


I have the choice of DVD 5 or DVD-RAM not DVD-ROM. Is DVD-RAM a format that will play in a standalone? :confused:


What’s the brand/model of the DVD burner? You should select DVD-5 if you are using DVD+/-R or DVD+RW. There is no need to change booktype if you are using DVD-R media. Only do this for greater playback compatibility with DVD+R/+RW discs.


IT is a Lite-On 415s. The booktype has alway been DVD-5 as the default setting in clone DVD so i just left it alone. Should i change it to DVD-Ram?


DVD-5 is a designation for single layer DVD+/-R /+RW/-RW. Don’t know about the booktype setting with that Lite-On. Try DVD-R media. Keep the DVD-5 setting.


I too am having the same problem… about half way into a movie it starts skipping. If I re-boot, the movie will play for about 10 more minutes… and then starts skipping again.
I really like the Anydvd/Clone suite. I hope I can figure this out as I haven’t had that great of luck with other burn software.

  1. Onkyo is one of the best DVD players existing. Unfortunately it is very very sensitive. The only solution is to experiment with media types.

  2. There exist a problem of freezing and skeeping. It is not proven that it is caused by AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. I experimented some weeks, months ago and partly found a solution to this problem. The result was posted here in CDF.

  3. Good media, “Made in Japan” unfortunately is not always a solution to skeeping, freezing problem. It might be a burner-software-media issue. According to my experience skeeping, freezing occurs even with the best media, like Taiyo Yuden. Most recently it happened with Maxell (Hitachi Maxell Ltd.) and “Made in Japan” by the way. The solution was the same as per my earlier experinece: reducing writing speed from x8 (max . speed of medium) to 6x.



Burner: Toshiba SD-R5272 (rev. 1031).
Medium: Maxell DVD+R 8x (Hitachi Maxell Ltd.) (Made in Japan).

Backup made with DVDShrink 3.2 set to burn with Nero at maximum speed (x8). Result: total freeze in the middle of the backup.

So, it is a media problem (burning speed, burner-media altogether). Either my burner can not cope with this medium at x8 or the medium can not be reliably burnt at x8. By the way it is the first DVD+R that I have problem with. Earlier had the same experience with Taiyo Yuden (Fuji DVD-R 8x), could make a successful backup burning only at x6.


I think the problem is with your burner. I use the same Maxell-Hitachi and/or Yuden000 T02. So far, not a single coaster @ 4X, 8X, 12X, and 16X (over 70 DVDs).

Tested software…Nero/Recode, CloneDVD, DVD Decrypter, CopyDVD 3, and DVD2One.

If you still encounter problem with good media and 4X burn speed (DMA ON with at least a 500 MHz CPU), then it’s time to retire the old burner. It’s difficult to fault quality media when they both exhibit the same problem.

Oh yes, my 4X RicohJpn W11 DVD+RW had at least 30 full burns. No playback issue.


It is (Toshiba SD-R5272) a new burner (3 months old), a Freecom DVD+/- External.
It performs very well (speed, reliability, etc.). What concerns my last negative experience with Maxell/Hitachi:

  1. My burner never ever had problems with any type of + media burnt at 8x, CloneDVD2 set to “maximum” speed.

  2. This is the only + medium I encounter a problem with.

  3. A CRC check on this very disc gives a bunch of errors.

All burners have their preferences. Seems Toshiba does not like Maxell/Hitachi.


You also mentioned problem with Yuden media. Could be a bad batch of Maxell. High quality media that meet ALL the DVD specs should work with ALL BURNERS.

Just because a burner is new does disqualify it from being a marginal drive.