Problem with skipping (Maxell Ritek)

Ok so I had posted a different topic about how my freshly burned cds were skipping in Pioneer CDJs. I was recommended to burn at a lower speed. So I burned a bunch of cds at 8x. They still skip. However, I have a bunch of other CDs, same make, that I had burned on a different computer that play fine. So, I have come to the conclusion that either I got a bad batch of CDs (which I doubt because I havent had problems with this type of cd before and it’s all I use) or that my drive is fscked/dirty. I just bought a lens cleaner, and will reburn a cd I know to be skipping tonight after cleaning the drive. If that one plays, I’m set. Otherwise I’ll need to get a new drive.

The drive is a Toshiba TS-A642A (i think, not at my computer now).

My question is, are Maxell Ritek cds known to have problems or is my particular drive known to have problems?

I’ve used Maxell Ritek CDRs, no problems with them so far!

ok so its probably my drive, i reallly dont wanna buy a new one, but if it comes down to it, i guess i have to.

Ritek is not considered good quality CD-R media.
Get Taiyo Yuden and I you won´t be disappointed.

No problem with Ritek-made Maxell CDRs here. But I’m not sure to understand what you’re burning on these CDs… audio? Video? :confused:

A bad batch may always happen, though. Maybe you should try burning some of these in another drive before blaming your drive… :wink:

According to who? :confused: - I think the contrary, as do many on this board. :slight_smile:

Get Taiyo Yuden and I you won´t be disappointed.
This we do agree on. :cool:

yes, im in the process of narrowing down the problem.
i just cleaned my drive today and burned a track thats skipping on another cd.
gonna check if the new one skips tonight. if so, i’ll try burning it on another drive and see what I can get from that.

Given Ritek’s quality as of late (as a whole) I wouldn’t bother with any of their media. Especially if you live in the US, TY is ultra-affordable now.

TY is 2-3x Ritek price in Europe… but still worth it. I’d rate MCC + TY very consistant and Ritek + CMC not very consistant but Ritek over CMC. Question is how many bad discs pr box you can live with. Go for TY if you want no compromise, MCC for slight worse quality, Ritek for a quick throw away disc and i wouldn’t recommend any cheap CMC at any price (not sure if you can get good CMC ones)

The poster is talking about CDs and not DVDs and according to many the quality of Ritek Cds is good, and it is a shame they can’t transfere that quality over to their DVds.

Sorry if you misunderstood me. I was talking about CDR as well :wink:

I would NEVER let a Ritek or CMC DVDR inside my house…

To answer your question: none. Zero.

Do you really have personal experience with Ritek CDRs? During the last two years, I didn’t encounter any “bad disc” in a spindle of Ritek-made CDR, even the cheapest ones (Ridisc). The scans were somewhat inconsistent from batch to batch, but always in the “very good” range.

I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to use good CDRs with a good price just because Ritek’s DVD-R production is questionable. I haven’t seen any specific complaint about Ritek CDRs yet (at least not since 2004, before that it’s another story), only vague assumptions.

Yep, I’ve tried some 100’s of Ridata (or was it) Ridisc? Grade AAA++++ printables? and they were fair i guess (Not very cool surface for printing so i switched to MCC and then to TY to solve compatibility issues completely). More recent my experience with cheaper discs is CMC and Prodisc and i only use them instead of USB -scratch them immediately after transfer and out after that. (Unfortunately they don’t always work that one time… but they are cheap - as in almost free)

I have some old Fuji/Ritek discs that still look very nice after 5 years but i buy “pastels” as my cheap good discs bc i they have yet to let me down. Used to have some Datawrite/Ritek but in the long run i didn’t like them. Bad compatibility. I don’t have a lot of faith in Ritek so i don’t put my money there anymore… :slight_smile:

RiDisc and RiData are different things altogether. RiData is a Ritek brand RiDisc is a third party seller that will source media from whatever source happens to be cheapest at the time therefore you have no garauntee that the same labeled discs will actually have the same dye. Also don’t count third party and munufacturer as the same Datawrite is another third party seller who may decide to buy “C” or even lower media and pass it off as “A” grade.

Grading is subjective as there are no set standards for it, though going by the number of "A"s I would say it was RiDisc as Ritek only bother with one “A”.

If I understand well, the Ridisc (“AAA+” :rolleyes: ) were OK but you were’nt satisfied with the printable surface. And with some Datawrite (probably not Ritek BTW, rather CMC) you had “compatibility” problems. Would you mind being a little more specific about what you refer to as “compatibility”? :slight_smile:

“Playability” - Since they go out to a number of people i want them to play flawlessly everywhere and there were a few bad reports with those Ridiscs. I can’t tell whether it was a burner issue or disc issue only that bad reports stopped when i “upgraded” to MCC and TY :slight_smile:

Are we sure this is a media problem? Nero 7 does have a known skipping audio CD bug, you know.

o rly? ok im gonna try a different program to burn.
if i still have the problem, im gonna get a new drive, cause i just cleaned it and burned a cd. it skips.

Thanks. I experienced nothing of the sort with Ridisc-branded Ritek CDRs, but I guess the quality must be variable (not surprising with Ridisc), I was even nicely surprised when I found them quite good, wasn’t expecting it actually :bigsmile: . I burned two 100-discs spindles mid-2005. When did you buy yours?

I think mine were from 2004 (mid or late). I should say i always suspect equipement as well when there’s playback issues but i have learnt that it can be my mistake as well, so i can’t say for sure it was the discs. Regardless, i haven’t any bad reports since so i stick to TY :slight_smile: