Problem with Simpsons Season 5 Disc 3



Hi all, i have been usind Any Dvd & Clone Dvd now for 6 months and have burned over 200 disc’s with out any problems. My first problem happen the other day. On Simpsons Season 5 Disc 3 I can burn the disc and it plays in my Dvd player, but the first Episode titled " Bart Gets A f " When you click on that title a Messgae comes and say’s “This title has not been formatted to play in this region” All other titles play corectly. On the AnyDvd i have it set for Region1 U.S. Has any one ever had this problem before?, is is there any way to fix it. THANKS,


Any solution guys. I’m having the same problem. I found a link to the doom9 forum but this seems to be down.