Problem with shortcut (outlook express)



When i am surfing the internet i come across an email address
i want to send a message to. I click on the highlighted email and it always comes up with this error!!!

Problem with Shortcut!
Cannot send mail.No mail program is set up to send mail using internet shortcuts.

It always worked before but since my re-formatt it doesnt work any more!!

I know its just a setting but i cant find it!!!

Outlook Express 6.

Any ideas PLEASE!!!


I assume you’re using Internet Explorer, go to “tools/internet options,programs” choose outlook express from drop down list under email programs.



thanx for the quick reply!!

Yes i am using internet explorer!!
Sorry about the lack of detail!!

I tried your suggestion and your right!!, but this option is not available in the drop down menu!!!

It just comes up with a blank dark blue line!!

any other ideas to make outlook express the default email program!!

It may be simple!! but its not to me???




The simplest solution could be to re-install IE or go to windows update and update IE if you’re not running latest version.