Problem with SH-203D bitsetting


Here’s the thing, one of my burners died (lg h55n) then i got a SH-203D to replace it, since it can bitsetting and i read the review and it seems very good.
It’s the first SATA burner i use, no problems with installation at all, but when i try to change book type for DVD+R DL media on using Nero DiscSpeed i get the error “Setting Book Type failed!” then i did some research on the forums and i found out that you can change book type after the blank media is inserted. I insert the blank media, go to nero discspeed, bitsetting and try to set book type as DVD-ROM, i get a “book type successfully changed!” message but when i refresh the window everything is the same, book type for drive and disc settings shown as DVD+R DL

Do i have to do something else to change book type or i messed up in the installation?

i also don’t have dvdinfopro to check book type as i saw in a thread that while nero shows as dvd+r dl dvdinfopro shows as dvd-rom

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When you change the bitsetting , you then need to burn the said DVD.
(This is when the bitsetting is applied.)
Run a check after a successful burn.
It should then read DVD-ROM.
But remember that the media remains DVD+R DL.
So make sure you check booktype & not media type.

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BTW You can use CD/DVDSpeed or DiscSpeed.
[B][U]Download from here[/U][/B]:
Change setting as shown below.
Although clicking on the Disc Info tab will show both media & booktype.


yeah, i know about the temporary change and about nero discspeed (i use it a long time ago), but still shouldn’t the book type be shown as “dvd-rom” after i set it? i was trying to avoid burning a dvd to check if it burn as dvd-rom, lost 5 dvds till i gave up the old burner, but i guess i don’t have a choice.

I’ll burn one later and post results here.
Thanks again

I’ve also got one of these drives recently and I’m trying to bitset it. I’ve used the bitsetting in Nero DiscSpeed 4 with a blank Verbatim DVD+R in the drive. It says “Book Type Successfully Changed!” when I press “set” on the DVD+R line to change it to DVD-ROM. After this it still shows DVD+R as the booktype for DVD+R disks even when refreshed. I then tried burning a DVD+R and the result shows it’s booktype as DVD+R.

Any help would be much appreciated, Cheers.

Are you able to scan any media with DiscSpeed and a SH-S203D? I’m not, the button is locked.

[quote=Akantinuris;2079544]Are you able to scan any media with DiscSpeed and a SH-S203D? I’m not, the button is locked.[/quote]You might have a look into the FAQ :wink:
But please note, Samsung DVD writers are not known as reliable scanners. Their scanning abilities seem to depend on date and place of production, the moon phase etc. So it is necessary to verify the scans with another known good scanning drive.
And forget thinking about scanning CD media.


Yeah, just found the tip in the faq.
thx anyway

Edit: I’ll stay with my BenQ DW1655 for scanning

Both my 203B’s are crap for scanning while my new 223F does a decent job with DVD’s.

yeah use your BenQ 1655 for scanning. Also look for Nero CD-DVD Speed version here at CDF’s and use it. Erik does NOT have it on his site.

I’ll try to find the link.

Here it is >

Is CDSpeed any better than DiscSpeed?

[QUOTE=Akantinuris;2079650]Is CDSpeed any better than DiscSpeed?[/QUOTE]yes at this time.