Problem with setting to dvd-rom

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-720H-S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi,

My external dvd burner is not in the list so I just picked any, sorry.
Mine is actually a pioneer external DVR 113np and I’m wondering
if it is impossible on this burner to change the setting to dvd-rom
format on the lg book settings in dvd decrypter

I want to burn it on a format of dvd-rom with that book setting and not what it keeps giving me which is “unknown (FAILED!)” using a verbatim dvd r plus double layer burning
with dvd decrypter on windows xp.

I updated the firmware with pioneer DVR 113kg

Any help would be great.




You cannot change booktype in a Pioneer drive by using the LG booktype settings in DVDDecrypter.

If you are burning to a double layer +R dvd in a modern drive like this Pioneer, it should automatically change booktype to DVDRom anyway. It won’t do so for single layer +R.

By the way, a little off topic, but you should look into a program called ImgBurn. It is the updated burning engine from DVDDecrypter, written by the same author. ImgBurn is free to download and use.

Thanks for the quick reply. I do have imgburn but still the same result so I’m
going to try dvd identifier to see if it is a dvd-rom.
What I’m trying to do is burn an xbox 360 game because one of my games
is so badly scratched but I had ripped an image of it and now I want to create a back up. Will only dvd-rom format work in an Xbox 360 or is that the machine
needs modifying?

The 113 is Asus, IMO.