Problem with seinfeld season 4 disc 1

i think there seems to be an issue with it. it says the total size is 188 mb and the time of movie is 0:00. is there a fixit for this?

It may be related to a known issue with v6.0.1.9, if that is what you are using. Fengtao said in another thread it would be corrected in the next release, but I’m not sure you are seeing the result of the same problem.

i know that there was an issue with another movie in past versions. did not know Seinfeld was a common issue as well. I know about a year ago there was a DVD with a similar problem. I forget the name of it,but it had several comedians on tour and they were doing a documentary on it. when i put the DVD in Fab,it came up with 420 MB. i returned the DVD back to the store,regardless,because i hate documentaries,unless they are done by Christopher Guest which they are more mockumemtaries lol. But oh well. :frowning:

In the other post I meant to say try DISABLING PathPlayer. Sorry, brain running in reverse tonight. The problem mentioned in the other thread may be different. Some TV episode discs are authored strangely. You might also try Clone mode.

i use the free version. Anyway,i put the DVD in DVD Decrypter and it seems to do the trick.