Problem with Seed Of Chucky



Is anybody else having a problem with Seed Of Chucky Region 1?

Currently using:
Nero Recode

Neither DVDShrink nor Nero Recode will process the output from AnyDVD (both crash).

Anybody have any thoughts?


What company makes this movie?
If it’s a Sony movie this is not gonna be easy.
Try CloneDVD with AnyDVD together to see if copies the movie.
Clone DVD has a free trial. Nero may cause problems.


It was put out under Rogue Pictures under Universal. And, yes, I had the same problems. Using AnyDVD and DVDShrink, I can always get through the initial read, but when I move on to backing up, it always crashes after about 30 seconds or so and closes down DVDShrink. I finally gave up trying to get a 1:1 backup of SOC and settled for a backup of the main movie only using DVDShrink’s Re-Author funtion.

Good enough for now. I figure I’ll try to back it up again after the next AnyDVD update.

PariahL :cool:


Thanks PariahL,

That’s the same thing I finally wound up doing. I hope Slysoft can fix the problem in there next release of AnyDVD. So far it has been a fantastic tool.


Don’t think it was Sony.


Ok. I made another copy a few hours ago and though I haven’t had a chance to watch it all the way through it seems to be good to go. I just used Clone DVD to dump it to my hard drive and then used Nero to burn it. Worked like a charm… Still had AnyDVD running, so that probably had a bit to do with it. Anyway, this way I now have the menues, and the extras… A full 1:1.

All is well.

PariahL :cool:


Congratulations PariahL, way to go. Unfortunately I don’t have CloneDVD. I know I can get a free 2 or 3 week trial, but so far I haven’t needed it. I hope AnyDVD can be fixed and I can continue to use either DVDShrink or Nero Recode.


I’ve been using the now debuk DVD Decrypter + Shrink and it also crashes when I attempt to make a 1:1 during the encoding phase. Any ideas?