Problem with second harddrive

Hi, I have a problem enabeling dma on my second harddrive it is a seagate 80gb barracuda, I checked device manager and it says dma if available but pio is listed , both harddrives are cable select and on the primary ide, model no. is st380011a, windows xp home edition, thankyou.

the problem might be with cable select - just change the pins so that one is master and one slave

my dvdrom and my burner are cable select and both have dma enabeled, would it be the same for my harddrives.

Yes, no, maybe.

Why not set your primary HD as master, and your secondary as slave.
Also, occasionally the length of the IDE cable is a problem for non-standard lengths.

Are the plugs in snuggly?
Might check that.

thanks , i will try it.

Try this utility…
follow the instructions on the site