Problem with SE-164L and iTunes + quality results


I’ve had the above drive for a couple of days now and have encountered the following problem: the drive cannot play or import cds in iTunes. When I insert an audio cd and give the command “Play audio cd using iTunes”, iTunes shows the titles of the album and songs correctly but the speaker icon next to the song (that normally indicates that the song is playing) just moves down the song list quickly and no song is played! The problem occurs both with audio cds I have bought and with cd-r I have burnt on another drive but it does not occur with Windows Media Player or Real Player. :confused: This incompatibility between my Samsung drive and iTunes occurs only on my laptop. I’ve connected the SE-164L on my desktop and songs are played and imported in iTunes just fine.

I find this particularly annoying as iTunes is my default application for audio files. Any ideas how to correct this problem?

The drive in the Samsung is recognised by Nero Info tool as TSST Corp CD/DVDW SH-S162L, firmware version TS05. I’ve checked with and there’s a firmware update for the SH-162L, the TS06, but no update for the SE-164L. Should I upgrade to the TS06?

Also, I’ve used the Nero cd-dvd speed tool to test the quality of a couple of burns I did with the Samsung. The results were rather surprising: no C1 or C2 errors whatsoever! Am I missing something here or is the SE-S164L that good? I attach some screenies.

Any ideas anyone how I could sort out the iTunes problem?