Problem with screen width

Hi, I started using VSo’s Software version and I am having a problem with the video being clipped on both sides after i’ve converted. I was using automatic (which worked fine with Nero) but when I play the DVD, i’d say almost 1/3 of the real picture isnt showing. I forced it to convert with 16:9 hoping it would fix the problem, but i’m still getting the cut off… The Preview shows the entire video picture length btw.

Will specifying NTSC or PAL help? What else could I be doing wrong?

NTSC or PAL is not affecting width, only height.

Check your DVD player settings - if you have 16:9 TV then use that, if not, use 4:3 Letterbox. Do not use 4:3 Pan&Scan.

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know, VSO just released ConvertXtoDVD v2.1