Problem with Samsung TS-L532A and Laptop

I had to change the DVD burner and bought new Samsung TS-L532A slim. I set up it in laptop Asus 2500H (previes Toschinba Combo) and problem occured. HDD an DVD are recognised as primary master. flashing firmware of DVD and Bios of Laptop did nothing, I couldnt check new version on the Samsung site becasue Live update would like to conected whit computer conected to TS-L532 and this is not possible. In which way can I (programs, manuals) resolve this problem or in which way I could chang settings of DVD burner on slave or maybe settings of HDD. Bios of Asus couldn’t do it automaticly and manually by hand.

did you solve your prublem? Haw ?
i have got the same similar