Problem with Samsung TS-L532


My SN-324 drive in my Samsung V25 recently gave up the ghost and stopped reading/writing discs so I spoke with the nice people at a Samsung authorised retailer who recommended I upgrade to the TS-L532 DVD burner.

Once the drive arrived I swapped the drives out but the BIOS did not detect the DVD drive. I then upgraded the BIOS but still it didn’t detect the drive. After much frustration I put the non-working CD drive back in and the BIOS detected it (as it had previously).

I then booted into Windows and physically removed the CD drive and put in the DVD drive. Then I went to Device Manager and uninstalled the CD drive and then scanned for new hardware and it found the DVD drive (strange!) If I just scan for new hardware with the DVD drive in, it doesn’t find it - I have to boot with the CD drive in and then swap them over!

I then rebooted the laptop and the drive has gone missing again. Any ideas how I can get the BIOS to recognise the TS-L532.

Please feel free to ask any questions if I have not made myself clear or you need further details.

Thanks in advance.


Hi there,

I recently also bought a TS-L532A burner. Just because my previous CD burner in my notebook was broken. I also have the problem that the BIOS is not seeing the L532A. When I stick back the old drive, it detects it perfectly. Did you already find out what the solution could be? Thanks in advance.



I am also a frustrated SAMSUNG V25 user. I want to change my optical drive and it is not possible that the “new” drive is accepted by the bios. Do you have any news about your problem ? How do you have updated the BIOS of the V25 because there is no buildin Floppydrive?


I havee got same prublem with my pc and TS-L532A (not recognized, but yes in windows).
Haw did you solve ? Thank you i?

Most of the CD/DVD drives for laptops that are sold retail are on cable select mode as default.
But some laptops use the secondary IDE Channel on master for their optical drives, so the solution is to change the setting from Cable Select to master.

Please post DiscInfo details

What do you think about trasformation from TS-L532A --> SD-R6472 by firmware TR51 that toshiba (or easly to found) make avaible

followed by utility CSEL-Changer for the SD-R6472 (i think you probably know) ?

After flashing the drive with the CSEL-Changer it will be recognized as a Toshiba SD-R6472.

Please post DiscInfo details.
Maybe it isn´t necessary to use the CSEL-Changer…

I am having this same problem. I have just bought an NEC AD-5540A drive and am trying to install it in my Samsung V25. I can go through the same process as the other posters here and put my old drive in then swap to my new one, scan for hardware changes in device manager, and it will recognise it with no problems - its just going to be a major pain to do that every time i want to use the drive. Im hoping somebody has managed to fix the problem because i cant find an answer on CDFreaks or by Googling :confused: