Problem with Samsung sh-w162z

Ive got this burner and when i put in a dvd it reconises it as a cd ?

I’ve tried Imation and Sony DVD’s with no luck.

Can someone give me some idea what the problem could be please its driving me crazy

Thank You

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Do you use Windows XP. Windows XP only support cd-r/rw burning.

You have to use a Burn software for dvd-/+r/rw.

Yes i am using XP and also using Nero.

What version of Nero do you use.

What excatly recognice it as cd. Windows, Nero or ?.

Post a error log. Remember to remove serial before posting.

Not sure how to do a error log

Both Nero and windows says its a cd.

Nero is

What does In Cd do could that fix it as its on the cd i got with the burner ?

Nero do not support DVD burning.

I use Nero with good results.

You have to upgrade your Nero.

This horrible SH-162z is really killing me. I bought it just 48hours back after getting head crash by CRX-300E. But I find the same pain It is not reading many DVDs, it does not detect the RW media and so on.

need help pls.
AMD64 on MSI7142, 1GB RAM, xp pro sp2 and possible hot fixes till date.

Return the drive then.