Problem with Samsung SH-S182x burners

Warning on Samsung SH-S182x burners

This drive is still a current model in Australia. Warning all, DO NOT GET THIS DRIVE. Purchase at your own risk.

SH-S182D will not read DVD-R, it will burn them but can not read them afterwards (Ive had two of this model, both had exactly the same problem).

SH-S182F does work but is very slow.

  1. Has problems reading dual layer disks (even brand new movie disks). Will not go higher than a 5x read, averages about 3x (on brand new quad core rig).
  2. Very slow with CD-RW - takes 2 minutes to initialise a disk (the disk was burnt with it). Media is AKAI 12x (Media was tested on Liteon 18x DVD burner, Pioneer 16x DVD burner and even an old Samsung 16x DVD-ROM, CD-RW work fine on all of them).

I will be getting yet another warranty replacement on this drive, will update what happens with my next Samsung drive.

Have you seen his thread?

In particular, see


The DVD-R Lead-In issue is known, and there are fixes for that.
Other issues - especially if they occur with several drives might be related to system and software configuration of the computer these drives are installed in.

There is absolutely no need to just post in order to bash a manufacturer.


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