Problem with Samsung SH-S182D

I have a serious problem with the samsung sh-s182d it cannot read its own burn cds and dvds and it shows many of cds or dvds as a blank disc. Somebody please help me and if possible please send the solution to my mail i.e azmath_85 at

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Burn again with verify enabled an then post a logfile here please.

Having the same problem since upgrading to win vista (about 50% of its own burned DVDs unreadable), was working perfectly with win XP.
Patched with SB06 Firmware today and still testing. Haven’t found any problems since.

*Testing with mitsubishi (-R, 16x)

Try +R and see if that works.


Tested with 5 pcs Sony DVD+R @ 16X, Mitsubishi +R and -R 5 each:

  • +R’s readable as for now.
  • -R’s need to reinsert a few times, sometimes detected a used DVD-R’s as blank disk.