Problem with Samsung SD-616T DVD-Rom drive

Ok well I was having some problems with my DVD-Rom drive and somewhat slow read times. Other than that I’ve had no other problems with it. The drive has been functioning perfectly for years now. Ok well I contacted Samsung about it and I was instructed to update my firmware and they provided me with a link to it. I downloaded and extracted the files without any problems. I loaded up the flashing program, selected my drive and then opened the firmware file. Then I selected ‘download to drive’. It flashed and no errors occured. When it finished it said it had completed successfully, and then my computer restarted. As soon as it was booting up it gave me a message saying my Secondary drive (the DVD-Rom drive) could not be found. Then Windows loaded up (and took several minutes longer than usual to do so) and then I went into My Computer and found that the drive was missing. Then I checked Device Manager and Disc Management to find that it was missing from both those places as well. Then I decided to put a disc in to see if it would make a difference, but when I pushed the eject button, the drive did not respond. The drive appears as if it is not even powering up anymore. I then contacted Samsung and after about a week of waiting and finally recieving a blank response ( :rolleyes: ) I contacted Dell, who are the manufacturers of my computer. They then provided me with their own firmware update for the drive which was different. I told them that the drive appears as if it won’t even power up and that I didn’t think it would be able to even detect it, but they assured me it would flash it. It gave me a program to write the firmware flasher to a floppy to boot from and flash the drive. I followed the instructions and when the program booted up it began to search for the drives. It displayed where the drive was located and just sat there as if it was searching for it. That’s as far as I’m able to get. Help? :slight_smile: