Problem with Samsung DVD writer model TS_H552U & PS2 Backup



Hello ppl,

1 week and half ago I buy my DVDWriter Samsung model TS_H552U , I trying to Backup some PS2 iso using DVD-R media brand : Verbatin, Ridata, Princo in all velocity posible 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x and MAX using Descripter burner program, not even one of the backup I make work :confused:

How or what I have to do to make my PS2 iso Backup work using this DVDwriter :sad:

Thanks for the help


I also have a TS-H552U and my PS2 backups don’t play on my PS2. Did you figure out how to burn PS2 games that plays on your PS2 with you DVD writrer?

P.S.: I now I am doing things correctly and it must be the dvd writer since I made a lot of working backups with my old Liteon DVD writer (which I gave to my nephew when I upgraded to DVD writer!)