Problem with Samsung DVD writer firmware update. Model: SH-162Z TS00?

I have a Samsung DVD writer Model: SH-162Z TS00 for that past 1 year. It was working fine. Had no problems. I recently updated my firmware with samsung firmware live update. Now i’m able to read/write CDs/DVDs as before. But the problem is , Since the minute i updated the firmware my Windows XP booting and processing is very very slow. That’s quite annoying. Please help me with a solution.

Hi and Welcome!

please check if DMA mode is still active for all your drives:


btw: We have a very large section related to optical drives, so there is no need to post a question about that in the general hardware forum

Hi, First of all thanks for the reply.

I checked what u told. All the drives are in DMA mode.

And few more doubts.

Does firmware updating has anything to do with Operating system booting and performance? And how can revert to the previous firmware of my DVD Writer?