Problem with samsung dvd player se-so84



I am having trouble starting up samsung slim external SE-SO84 dvd player
I consulted this particular link:
the laptop on which I am trying this out has XP service pack 3
pentium 4 2GHz 1giga of RAM USB 2.0 crossover on a original older generation USB hub port
the samsung device has a y-configuration USB cable connection
when i attach the device the installation starts up but the device manager finally reports it as ‘problems occurred, your hardware may not function correctly’
i have to force the device to stop through the emergency stop hole
the hardware seems to keep on trying to start up (the LED is constantly flashing) but it doesnt get anywhere!
i connected the device to a pc again the os is xp and the specs are inferior to the laptop (memory, chip etc)
there too the device initially gave an error message for the installation but then prompted to restart the pc after which it was functioning just fine

any ideas what issues can there be?
power issues because of usb port hub as indicated by michael in the link above
many thanks for any help!


Hi and Welcome!

in am convinced this is a power problem. You already read my opinion about these spec-violating drives in the other thread.

There are two options:
return the drive as “defective by design” and buy a “Half-Height” external drive that comes with a power supply, or
get an USB hub with power supply (at least 2.0 A @5V).