Problem with +RW




Im using ConvertXtoDvd to convert and burn my avi to dvd and have always used dvd-rw with no probs at all.

Ive just got some verbatim dvd+rw and it converts and burns no problem, but my drive says theres nothing on the disc and also wont play in my dvd player ? :confused: afaik both my pc drive and dvd player are both compatible with +RW

can anyone tell me why and how to fix this if possible ??

My drive Nec 3550
DVD player Panasonic EX75



Use DVD-R media, never burn faster than 8x!


thanks for stating the obvious fix :), but that doesnt explain why the exact same process doesnt work with +RW media ?


Because its a Panasonic…


It doesnt play on my pc either ? or is that cos its NEC !!!


Nope, your nec can deal with DVD-R/W & DVD+R/W.
More likely the video format on the disc is not properly converted/authored.


sod it i’ll just buy some -RW… I just thought there would be an easy solution, but seems not.