Problem with Roxio 7



I am a newby. Recently bought Mad Dog Triple Format which came with Roxio 7. First problem is that the DVD-RAM does not work. I tried to use a Memorex RAM disk. Roxio “Drag to Disk” program seems to take over any attempt to write to the RAM disk and reports disk is write protected. There is very little (nil is more accurate) information in help menu or Mad Dog or Roxio web sites on what to do. :frowning:

Next bad surprise was when I went to remove the Roxio application. It has no uninstall application. It hung the computer when I tried to use the Windows uninstall function. And now it neither uninstalls or allows a re install because it says my computer date code is wrong (it is not). So I am reduced to deleting the program files only to find one file can’t be deleted. :Z

So now I am contemplating the unthinkable: a complete formatting of my hard drive and reinstalling all my programs. :a

I was upset with Sony and so chose the Mad Dog drive but now am beginning to regret that decision. Luckily, I purchased the drive from a local store which accepts returns.

Summary: 1) I found that Mad Dog Triple Format burner does not work out of the box with Memorex DVD-RAM media (the only kind available at store where I purchased the drive) and 2) Roxio “Drag to Disk” application takes over your computer and does not give you any uninstall option that I can find.

Has anyone been here before and found a way out of the jungle?


The answer might have been to not run DragtoDisk at start up but only when you need it. This can be done within D2D or by using something like Spybot.

Probably to late now as you’ve attempted deletion.