Problem with Robotech DVD and Pioneer dvd player

Hi, I’m from Argentina, I’m new in this web page. I have a problem with a dvd of Robotech Zone 1, I had installed before Windows ME, and I could read that dvd of Robotech with no problems before with my Pioneer Dvd-Rom DVD-115 1.22 player, once I installed Windows XP, I can’t read that Dvd of Robotech anymore, (the dvd is ok because i played it with a playstation 2, and I also can read it with my Sony Dvd Rw Dw-D22A), is it possible that maybe I need a special Aspi driver or something like that for playing it with my Pioneer? (my pioneer dvd players can read zone 1 dvds with no problems, I just have problems with the robotech dvds that has alot of chapters, I also have other dvds of robotech that are Bonus that came with that pack of dvds, and I can read them with no problems).
Thanks alot for reading this, and I hope someone can help me, bye.