Problem with Ritek G04 -r playing in my JVC XV-N50

I initially posted this in the Lite-On forum since I am not sure if it is a problem with my 811 burner or just with the standalone DVD player. but figured I probably should also ask here in case someone else has experienced this.

I am burning these Ritek -R G04s in my Liteon 811. The first one I burned played fine in my JVC XV-N50 DVD player. but others since have not. I get a NO DISC error in the JVC.

I can play them fine on my PC, as well as on my standalone SONY DVD player - but not the JVC. Also a K-Probe scan show very good quality burns

I have burned some +R discs in the 811 - and they all play fine in the JVC.

Does anyone have any ideas / suggestions? I know if these were +R that I was having a problem with, I could use Booktype - but if I recall correctly, that doesn’t work for -R, correct?

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You can find my anwer here.