Problem with ripping Video DVD-ROM at 16x (1673@1693KS04)



Hi there,

I seem to have some serious problems when using 16x omnipatched firmware to rip Video DVD-ROM.

First of all I wonder that the stock firmware only read them at 8x, since the specs at the Liteon site claim that this is 16x reader. We’re talking about ROM here, not +/-R. Is this because it’s a double layer DVD-ROM perhaps?

Then I tried to read this disc (Rush Hour 2) in Nero CD-DVD-Speed to check the transfer rates after I noticed that another Video DVD-ROM (Amelie) had serious problems around the layer changing point, the drive had to decrease the speed and went some up and down until it became quicker again.

Now as you can see the Rush Hour disc reads perfect at 12x but even stops reading with a serious error message at 16x around the layer changing position. Looking at a quality check of the disc at 16x shows that PI shots rocket high at this point (only at 16x). :a

Codeking published a perfect 16x scan in another threat, so I wonder how results can be so different. Especially given the facts that my drive can perfectly read a crappy NoName (Media ID 0001) DVD+R at 16x, which my old 1653 (who burned it) couldn’t even read at 12x!? :confused:

By the way, there is no obvious bad damage on the disc, just some very slight scratches.


it seems like a real 1693s performs better than a 1673@1693s. although they’ve got the same hardware, they are… different.


Do you think an original writer is better than a crossflashed one?
I’m with 1673@1693 KS04… can i have better burn with a JS07 (1673)?


no, don’t missunderstand me.

crossflashing is always good i think. but especially a 1673@1693s reading performance seems to differ from a real 1693s ones.

the 12x readspeedpatch seems to work fine for all drives. 14x could be good, too.

but i don’t recommend 16x for drives other than a real 1693s.

if there only was a dropdown list in omnipatcher to select between 12, 14 and 16x readspeed…

i know this will be possible with the ledfix tool, but it isn’t released yet…


Hm, that would be quite unfortunate, since I bought the 1673 out of the assumption that they are both the same. Actually they even cost the same, I just couldn’t get a black 1693.

Anyway I still wonder why the original firmware reads those Video DVD-Roms only at 8x when 16x for DVD-Rom is stated in the specs?!


I did a KProbe scan of the DVD and found out that problems start rougly at 14x, Kprobe stops with a servo error shortly afterwards.

I also tried to just copy the disc one in Nero ROM, same problem.

At some point the drive starts making rattling sounds and stops reading.

So I am gonna flash back to 12x for the time being, until I got another Video-DVD to test it. Too bad actually since reading DVD+R worked flawlessly, if not fantastic.


Since 16x reading of DVD+R works flawlessly I wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to have different reading speeds for different media types? Any chance that could happen, Code? :wink:


thanks for the info… i figured 16x would be pushing it, so i put mine to 12x… but hell, the default is 8x right?.. well if it is then 12x is a pretty good performance gain and it supposedly works just as good as 8x reading :wink: … im not using the 1693 crossflashed firmware since i dont really see any advanatage to it unless your burning dual layer dvd-r disks… since from reading official specs on lite-on’s site thats pretty much the only obvious differance between the two.

p.s. note i recently (today pretty much) got a Lite-On SOHW-1673S OEM drive… i upgraded to this after 3 years or so with my current Lite-On 24102b drive (24x10x40) … it still works perfect to this day (damn good drive :wink: )… so now i can burn dvd’s… just been reading up on these forums recently… alot of NEW stuff since i last knew… the last i was really active in these forums was back in the days of 24x10x40 or a little faster drives where top end… lol :wink: … but it’s cool how u can adjust disk writeing speed and stuff… that was never possible back in the days of the drive i stated above.

it’s always nice to come to these forums… since alot of really knoledgeable people are here… u can learn alot pretty quickly from em to


yes, different speeds for different media will be possible with the ledfix tool. now it just has to be released…


“The Black Wizard” reported that his 1673@1693 KS04 is able to make 1:1 copies of Safedisc 2.9 and 3.0 copyprotection. That would be quite some good reason! :slight_smile: No idea though if 1673 JS07 firmware can do the same trick anyway.


Yes, we hope to give you this ability soon :wink:


cheers :smiley: