Problem with ripping speed

My Lite-On 165 is running in UDMA mode 2 and sometimes it will rip 14x others it won’t even break 4x…I can tell when it will be fast because you can hear it pause to spin up the DVD…but it’s not doing that now. Any thoughts?

Nothing to freak about. Single layer DVDs tend to get rip faster while double layer DVDs don’t. That’s all.

Thanks for the reply. The thing is, almost all the dvd’s I’ve ripped are over 5gb, which means they are dual layer, right? I guess I have no basis for comparison. I went out and bought the liteon because I read around that it rips fast, but I have no idea what a normal dvd drive rips at. Thanks for the info.

Which ripper are you using? I’m using cladDVD XP. Ripped 8 Mile (dual layer) last night w/ my Lite-On 166S at 6x. This is the first time the programer put a speedometer in cladDVD or else I wouldn’t know what the speed is. Personally I don’t really give a fudge how fast DVD rips as long as I got my complete movie in reasonable time, say < 15 mins.

But just for the hell of it, let me test a single and double layer DVD and see what the speed is. BRB

Update: And here’s what I got.

  • Gattaca -
    106 min
    Single Layer
    Rip time: 265 sec.
    Rip speed: Avg = 10.7x, High = 12.9x

  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels -
    106 min
    Dual Layer
    Rip time: 516 sec.
    Rip speed: Avg = 6.1x, High = 7.7x

I’m sure the numbers speak for themselves. I ripped the full screen version of both movies btw, if that matters.

Thanks for the replies. I was wrong about my drive, I too have a 166s. I didn’t have the same dvd’s for testing but I did a dual layer and single layer and got close to the same results you did. Thanks for the help.