Problem with ripping DVD

I burnt a DVD about 3 years ago using Roxio. I’m ALMOST positive I burned it as a Video DVD, and not a Data DVD. It’s got about 18 different chapters, and I really need to rip one off so I can upload it to Youtube or something similar.

When I pop it into my Vista laptop, it won’t play, but I get the folder list of “Video_TS” and all the .VOB and .IFO files that make up the DVD. I can’t copy them off onto my laptop because it keeps giving me an error of “cannot read from source”. But I know the DVD isn’t completely busted because amazingly enough, when I put it in my Xbox 360 - which is probably the least reliable DVD player ever - it plays absolutely fine.

Suggestions of something I can use to take care of this? Thanks!

If that content on the dvd is commercial/copyrighted, you shouldnt do that (upping to somewhere).

Rip with low speeds.

It’s not copyrighted, it’s my own material.

And it’s not a matter of how fast I rip, I haven’t been able to rip it at all. I would say that the disc is just corrupted, but it plays fine on my Xbox.

The drive that you’re playing the disc on (in the case, your Xbox) probably plays at a very slow speed, hence it plays fine…the drive you’re ripping on, OTOH, probably is ripping at a higher speed, thus errors become more apparent.

Hence chef’s “slower speed” suggestion.

What’s the brand of drive you’re using to try and rip the content from the disc? One of the latest Samsung drives might do the trick if you have a friend that owns one.

Have you tried ISOBuster or ISO Puzzle?

I agree…ISOBuster is probably a good app to start with.

Thanks for the help. I did try ISObuster, and I was able to rip the DVD to my hard drive. I can play it now with the VLCplayer. But what do I use to convert it to MPG or some other format I can upload to Youtube?