Problem with ripped vob folder from mini dvd

hey guys im not really sure what went wrong but my band and i were recrded by a venue and they gave us a disk to keep of it, it was like half the size of a normal dvd like a mini dvd.

only the thing is when i ripped it to my hardrive and played it through any media player it jumped and skipped frames like it was the way the guy edited it.

i rechecked the dvd by itself and it played just fine no skipping no nothing played right through.

i then decided to try dragging the whole video_ts folder onto vlc and not just the actual vob file and it played fine with just the occasional pause but no frame skipping or nothing.

i no longer have the cd as it was sent to a family member the day after, so all i have on my pc is

Video_ts folder containing: Video_ts , Video_ts.bup, video_ts.ifo,
VTS_01_0.BUP, VTS_01_0.IFO, VTS_01_1


Audio_ts: empty

im looking to get it sorted then make it into wmv file for placing on myspace/bebo at some point thanks for any help able to give :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you have a playback issue with some of your codecs. Using some crappy codec pack by any chance? VLC has its own codecs on-board so less likely to be temperamental.

I would just try and convert to WMV without worrying about the playback problems. What software are you considering to use?

i have also already done the conversion and id has all the skipping and what not within it.

i also uploaded it to bebo in the hope that it would sort itself out through the site and not my pcs ability.

but other people have all watched the video and commented on the skipping :S

…and the software you used for the conversion to .wmv?

total video convertor

iha ve gone and remade an iso from the 3 folders and it plays fine in the iso on my media players just like the dvd i had.

something ive noticed now is that there is a slight menu that once clicked the video players and also it states the whole time of the video as 35 mins

were as if i play the vob like normal it says its 36 seconds long but continues to play with all the jumping and skipping all the way through.

i would be happy with just the iso but i need to make it into a wmv file and i cant seem to find a way of doing it without extracting the video_Ts folder first which take me right back to the original problem :S

OK: since you don’t have the actual disc any more, do the files in the VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive play smoothly with VLC?

only if i drag the whole folder onto vlc and not just the actual vob file itself.

so it must need all the ifo bup files to run smoothly ?

also just checked if i could remove the menu vob file and its accompanying ifo and bup file from the folder, leaving just VTS_01_1.vob and its accompanying ifo and bup file.

and it starts skipping again it seems i also need the menu and its files also to play properly.

.VOB files are not just the video and audio data and have extra information inserted, which might screw up some playback software.

Why not mount the new .ISO that you made, and with DVD Decrypter in IFO mode, save the VTS back to the hard drive. Then rename the copied .VOB to ‘.MPG’ and convert that .MPG to .WMV with Total Vid Converter from there.

The difference is that DVD Decrypter will have copied the VTS content taking account of the information in the .IFO file.

okay thanks for youre help ill try that :slight_smile:

hi sorry to bother you again i have tried mounting it with daemon tools and opening it with dvd decryptor but i says a the bottom dic not dvd and wont allow me to decrypt.

any suggestions ?

Use Imgburn in write mode and burn your iso…if that doesn’t work then use build mode on your VIDEO_TS folder and burn it… …good luck!

Could also try converting your single VOB to wmv with Super…

sorry im not trying to burn it im actually trying to keep it as a vob that doesnt skip or jumps frames.

it only seems to work if i play the whole folder with ifo bup files in it on a media player

OH ok, I thought you also wanted a .wmv , hence the Super suggestion…so try super on your VOB ,see if it works for you ,no need to burn it…:slight_smile:

thanks thats worked great yeah i did want wmv i miss read youre reply sorry my bad

No prob,which is why imkidd57 said this,
“I would just try and convert to WMV without worrying about the playback problems”…
good luck!..
could also try with MediaCoder…